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Really good Assets, thanks you. (Y)

Nice art Can you use art my game?


I liked your work and I congratulate you for it, I wanted to know if you will later sprite like this but in 2D platform, since I am creating a game and it is commercial, and I wanted to know if your assets are licensed, since if you have them add it in the information, since I've been looking for the CC0, and I do not know if yours should be added credit or not.

Thank you

Hey, the thing is, as long as you don't resell/redistribute the sprites we are okay. As for the credit, it's always apreciated even if the artist specifically demands it so, yeah, I'd like that. I might do platformer sprites in the future. However how far in the future, that I  don't know. Happy developing!

I know that your assets are not CC0, so if I sell my project with your assets I have to give creadito.

Thanks for that


No problem at all, thanks for asking!