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Ótimo trabalho que você faz


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Used this fantastic tileset for the bulk of my first game for the GMTK20 gameJam:

Thank you so much for sharing this and enabling me to realise a game idea and make it a reality.

Hi, I wanted to know how to resize your small sprites because as I increase the size it loses a lot of quality. I'm using Unity. 

Try to adjust your compression in Unity. Click on your sprite file to open it in Inspector window. Change the compression format  from compressed to no compression and filter from bilinear to none. That always works for me.


Hi there! I'm a huge fan of your pixel art! Im interested into what tile set you use for your backdrop for your charactors? The one with sand and water animation etc. Is it available for download?


thanks a lot!

This is what I needed!! Cheers. Any idea when you'll release buildings?