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Hello I have a question I'm new to game developing how do I split this sprites to import it?

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First of, this is an amazing asset, loved it. Secondly, I just used it to make a game for my first GameJam participation. If you want to check it out, its here. He's not the gladiator anymore though, he's now Ricardo Milo- I mean, Irineu, a guy who's trying to win $2000 in a TV Show called Spin the Wheel!
He also has some sick dance moves to show, if you're able to beat the game c:


Just published a free game that use your stuff! You are mentioned in the credits.

For the Cake:

Thank you so much 

i used this assets my game  not released yet.

Could you update the sprites to add variants of this? Thanks so much in advance!

I plan to do so at some point, though I don't know when. Stay tuned in! ^^

Awesome as always :D


Happy developing my dude! :D

Great paid a small amount for this as you implemented my suggestion. Could you add different style of Gladiators? With one arm metal Armour, with nets, with tridents, etc.

Thanks for the tip, I might do variations of the Gladiator later on!