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What's this creature called, again?

A Goblin

Hello, just wondering how i can reduce the frames of the animation? I need it down to 3 frames.

Can you show up and down animation in the gif? Just to get an idea of what it looks like?

There are no up and down animations though. You get what you see on the gif.

ah okay thank you


Hi Elthen, very adorable Goblin!  Not sure if I could ever finish my game, but it is an enjoyment using your assets during the progress. Thank you for publishing these wonderful arts! Best wishes!

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Hey Elthen! Good work as always, I'd just recommend you to keep the consistency of keeping the spacing between each frame like you have in other sprites. Its much easier to cut the sprites and adjust the pivot when you import them to unity. Mirrored sprites were also cool, because not everyone rotates or flips the objects via script. Best regards :)


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep these in mind!