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thanks this is really a great asset

hey, I m currently working on a project using your asset. you may try it out!

I would like to use this in a small free to play dungeon crawler im making!

Sure, go ahead!

am i free to modify any of your assets for use in my game? just looking for a good base for all the animations you have so i can free to make whatever i need?

can I use that in a game that I would sell on stores ? I wouldn't sell the assets I will sell the game that I made with the assets.


i love your work!

Thank you so much 

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can you upload the arena tile in separated png? please


what is the size of each sheet :( 


I also wanted to know

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I think I discovered... It's 96x96 pixels

nice art! 

Maybe I'll use this minotaur 😊

If I do I'll credit you properly.

What a cool looking Minotaur! Animations look pretty great!


i love your work!

Thank you so much 

i used this assets my game  not released yet.

Great job man! :D

Elthen... Awesome as always :D

Unbelievable, are you sure to release the free assets?

I ask you because to make all the animations I imagine the time spent and I do not want to take advantage of your work.

I forgot great work!

One last question if possible from how much do you use pixel art designs?

I despite the hours spent I do not go over a stickman:(.