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Excelene, muy buen proyecto, en un futuro los usare.

no blue portal?

nice job, is being of great help in my project 

Thanks for sharing! I've used your assets in my js13k game:

Credits in the game repository.




Nice job!, i´m using  it in my project :D

Hi, thanks a lot for these assets.

Though could I change the color of the portal to blue for instance (green/purple wouldn't look too great in my game) ?


Yep, feel free to edit the sprites to you needs. :)


Thanks, I'm using it in my project PuzzlePortals. You can guess why I needed these sprites. :)


this is really cool! im gonna use it in my android game hope that ok and you will be creddited

Very nice job !!

You saved my life. Thank you


Hey! Awesome portal, I used it in a game tutorial and mentioned the link, I hope this is okay

Hi thank you for sharing! I used it for a competition and credited you!

Thanks for sharing these portals =D I used it in my last game (Those who dig) and I credited you of course :)

This is exactly what i needed for my project thank you so much for providing it for me

hey, I m currently working on a project using your asset. you may try it out!

Under which licence is this work?

As long as you don't resell/distribute the assets you are free to use them in commercial/non-commercial projects. Credits are not necessary but always appreciated.

Hi, I want to use your sprite but I have a question, Would you like it to appear in the credits of the game or is it unnecessary?

Credits are always appreciated :D

ok bro, you got it

thanks, great job!