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You saved my life. Thank you


Hey! Awesome portal, I used it in a game tutorial and mentioned the link, I hope this is okay

Hi thank you for sharing! I used it for a competition and credited you!

Thanks for sharing these portals =D I used it in my last game (Those who dig) and I credited you of course :)

This is exactly what i needed for my project thank you so much for providing it for me

hey, I m currently working on a project using your asset. you may try it out!

Under which licence is this work?

As long as you don't resell/distribute the assets you are free to use them in commercial/non-commercial projects. Credits are not necessary but always appreciated.

Hi, I want to use your sprite but I have a question, Would you like it to appear in the credits of the game or is it unnecessary?

Credits are always appreciated :D

ok bro, you got it

thanks, great job!