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i used my game... love it 

vou usar seus sprites no meu jogo da game jam que estou participando quando eu colocar o jogo na jam eu volto aqui para mandar o link

looks beautiful, we used in our game

Looks cool, I'll take it. Thank you very much artist.


Thank you! I'm thinking of buying several arts)

This Looks awesome :)

If i redraw this enemy (say in Hollow Knight style), does the commercial use if non-redistributed license still apply?


Well, if you draw it from scratch, it's not really my sprite anymore is it? :D 

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i guess :) unless you say this character (and your other free sprites) are your IP and are therefore protected.

But i take this as a "feel free to do what you want". :D

Wow ! I love it !

I love this thing its so perfect and it moves so flowingly its amazing!