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Hi Elthen

Thanks for creating these! I used them as one of the late game enemies (not as ordinary spiders ;) ) in the latest version of my game Void Scout:


Hi, just to let you know I used your spider web on my entry to the Retro Platform Jam #4

thanks !


this is amazing asset pack for all types of games




Thanks for this ♥️

Thank you, I want to share the game... I have created using your assets 

(I'm still working on the game)

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Hi, thank you for your assets, I want to share the game I have created using your assets :)

(probably will take a few more monsters for the future updates :) )

I made a game featuring this spider in the title role! Thank you :)

wao nice,  good job, i love it.

Cute! Thanks!


Nice spritesheet, I am using it for my platformer game.

Is the long web (emerging animation) also in the spritesheet?


Yes the webs are also in the sprite sheet :)

Thanks :) 

cool :)

They are super nice

Thank you for good sprites.


Nice . smooth animations and also the cuteness UwU