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Looks great! thank you!



Hello, use these assets for a free game.

You can play it in this link:

or see the video in this other link:

Thank you very much for your great assets =)

I am thinking of starting a game based on the anime "Sword Art Online" and its arts that I think match with what I want to do.

I would like to contact you via some social network

DiogoSouza18  said this a while ago and for some reason i felt like translating it so now you know what they meant!

Elthen I love all your art and I was wondering if I could use it in a commercial product (when I make one).  Also when I have enough money ill be sure to follow your patreon at

Yes, you can! You can read about licensing here:

Estou pensando em iniciar um jogo baseado no anime "Sword Art Online" e suas artes acho que combinam com o que eu quero fazer.

Eu gostaria de entrar em contato com você por alguma rede social

Hi Elthen, love ALL of these sprites they're so cool! I know you have the one tileset on your Patreon, but do you plan on making any more? I can't find any assets that quite match your style correctly and would love to see your take on a classic Plains/Dungeon/Cave etc :)

Also, thanks for making a couple free to try, real help for people like myself who are just starting to learn the very basics. I've got my eye on a fair few of your other packs to buy once I figure out how to work the basics :)

There are already arena, forest and dungeon tilesets on my patreon for free. But, yeah, I plan on  making more tilesets.  Forest tileset is pretty close to a plains setting. I'm glad the sprites are to your liking!