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what are the dimensions? is it 32x32 or 16x16?


Can I use your asset as base, and add something I need to build my asset, such as add walk up and down animation, because my game is top down game. Will give credit if this game finally used your asset as base. Thanks

Go for it! I don't remember if I updated the files here but on my patreon you can find the most recent files. In the last update I did running upwards animation for the adventurer.  It's ofcourse free there as well. Happy developing!


Thank you for the asset pack

cara tem como fazer uma animação  dele subindo uma escada? sabe aquelas escadas verticais

Hey, I made a game using this and other sprites!

If you want to take a look: SwordTrail

Gracias, los sprites encajan con el juego que estoy haciendo

Thanks for this sprite, I used it in the Yogscast Game Jam.


i love your work!

Thank you so much 

i used this assets my game  not released yet.

by the way it would be alot easier to use this if it was every image for itself i think if that would be possible

hey man im trying to learn making games i basically dont know how to do any programming yet without youtube and i want to thank you so much for doing these things that look so good but still are free for me as a beginner!

Hey! Im happy it's useful for someone! Happy developing!

Looks great but the sprites are  incongruent  with your arena art - the arena is more for gladiators.  Consequently,  could you please make two different types of gladiators? It would fit with your arena. Cheers!

Oh, I'll add Gladiators to my list! Thanks for the suggestion!