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Thank you!

nice sprites bro! keep it up

i'll make this cat the leader of an dinasty!


loved using this cat in my latest game! Thanks a ton!<3

Making a game where a cat has guns. Thanks for the asset!


This very helpful for prototyping my game, thank you for saving me time


This cat has inspired a change for our game project. The sprites are great and the cat is cute!

Thank you for making this, Im using this for a school project ant this is perfect, But can anyone tell me how many pixels there is in one unit?

nice! Thanks!

This kitten looked really cute I had to make different colored ones on my game!

this is very good. Using for insparation in a new game im working on

I used this in my cybersecurity hacking project. Thanks!

I used these in a little idle/incremental game I made. Very cute sprites!

Very cute 

I made a game with your asset and credited <3
this is my first ever game made without a tutorial


So cute thanks man.


Its insane man


Really cute cat! I used your cat sprite in a game recently at, thanks for making this sprite available!


Brilliant license, I'm not often on itch so it's the first time I notice this, but good to see people standing up against all this NFT BS.


Hey, I saw this awhile back and just wanted to say thanks.

Here is the link to the Game I made with your cat Sprite:



Here is YT vid on it!

Bought your animations, they looked adorable, thanks.


These sprites are amazing - super skillful and adorable! I especially love the silly running and sick anims! I used these sprites to make a small platformer for my uni classes. Thanks so much, I intend to donate soon :)


I used it to make a little desktop buddy!

Thanks so much!

Thank you, will help a lot in my tamagotchi like game!

i love your stuff

they are all 32x32 so go to ezgif and cut them up

Omg ty bro i needed that ur a savior


no prob


can you cut this up into sprites?


no xml files? I don't want to cut it by my own, It's will take a lot of time lol

Worked on this file on PS so no xml file, sorry :)



ill use your cat assets, thank you, when done ill send you a message, really thanks

thanks for you cat ! i rellay need some cat now~

These look so cute thank you for making these


This is awesome, thank you!


Great, thank you!

I love it. Thank you.

Thank you, it is so cute!


thank ypu so much for so cute cats)))


ur art is awesome! thank u so much !! 💖


I really love these sprites!!! so good!!! may I use them for my future project? If I'm making something out of it I will surely tip you.

Hey, the link for use terms are included in the page but in short: as long as you don't use the sprites in anything blockchain-related (nfts, web3, metaverse etc) you are free to use them in both commercial and personal projects. Find the licensing link for details! :)

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