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Hi Elthen! Thanks a lot for your art.

I'm using your assets in a little virtual pet for desktop, I added a link to your page. It's a prototype ^^'

Virtual Pet - Catty

Just a lil friend that you can have in your desktop. ^^


Thanks for this! I don't know if I'll end up using it in any games or not as I'm currently using it as I learn some basics. But it's one of the cutest cats on here and much more fun to learn with lol

Purfect. I'm using in:

Thanks for making this! Made a small thing using it:

very cute!!!

so cute :DDDD



Thanks Elthen, this is awesome!
I'm working on a homebrew tamagotchi for my partner using this sprite sheet.

I haven't used a sprite sheet before and would appreciate more information about using this sprite sheet.

- Are the sprites 32x32?
- Are the sprites 4-bit color?

Hey krunk, 
From the video it seems like you've pretty much figured it out how to use the sprite sheet but I'll answer your questions.
The sprites are 32x32 pixels as you've stated. There are four colors on the sprite sheet, idk if it makes it 4-bit or not.

The project seems awesome, I'd love to see more of it!

Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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to add to this answer, the sprites are technically 2-bit sprites, since it's only four colours :)

Thanks for sharing! I've used your assets in my js13k game:

Credits in the game repository.



I'm planning to use sprite. (=。=)

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Love this cool asset. I tried making something cool with these.

Do you feel its well utilized?


Indeed :D

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hiya I'm planning to use sprite, it looks pretty cool

keep up the good work 


This is super cool!

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Love this! Might try to use it in my game, I even paid an artist to make me a cat and it wasn't this good. Also because you chose to draw it white, it makes it super easy to colorize it to make multiple cats!

I'm glad you like it. Good luck with the game! :)