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A fox sprite sheet you can use for any 2d game you are building!

Included Animations: Idle, idle2, movement, catch, damage, sleep, death

Feel free to use the sprites in commercial/non-commercial projects! If you do, please consider tipping, or at least dropping a comment down below.  Happy developing!

Do you need a compatible tileset? Free characters? Look no more! You can grab them for free at my patreon page

You can read about licensing here!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorElthen's Pixel Art Shop
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Animals, Cute, Fantasy, fox, npc, orange, Pixel Art, Sprites


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Fox Sprite Sheet.png 38 kB


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Amazing work! Would like to use it in my game project! thank you very much!

is it ok if i use this for my game? i will give you credit?

The short answer is, yes, you can use this for your game. The link to the licensing is on the page, you can check the details there.


ok thanks i will mention you in the credits when its done

Hello, is it alright if I modify these assets? I wanted to use white foxes for an area of my game .

Hello! Feel free to modify the asset :)

Posso usar os seus sprites  para uso comercial

You can read it on the license page.

Can I use your artwork to make games for sale?

Short answer is, yes but there are links to the licensing on top and the bottom of the page. Please make sure you read them :)


Amazing Animations! Can you make a Rottweiler dog like that Fox ? i would love to buy it and use it in my project ✌️😊❤️

achei o sprite bem bonito e queria fazer  um jogo com ela porem eu ainda estou aprendendo mais farei o maximo possivel para criar algo legal bonito e jogavel montando uma pequena historia como fundo para prender um pouco da atenção do publico, estou fazendo um prototipo ainda então ira demora um pouco para publicar comercialmente e vou deixar o creditos da sua arte quando eu publica isso claro se for permitido usar a arte para comecialização caso contrario usarei apenas como base mesmo. 

Hey, I don't speak Portuguese. You can use the sprite for commercial project under some conditions which are stated here: 

Hope this helps.


muito bonitas as sprites, estava procurando para um projeto de curso, muito obrigado

Hello can i use this art in my non game project? thank you

Hello, you can read the licensing here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/licensing-27430241

Hi again, your licensing doesn't mention for printables, my plan was to use your cute art in a sticker. Would that be a ok?  TY!

It depends really, if it's for personal use you have nothing to worry about. If you are gonna mass print the fox sprites as stickers and sell them, that's not good :) You can contact me from the e-mail address provided on the license page if you'd like to share the details and have further questions.

Nice work!! Thank you!!

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Cute! Any chance for a  bear cub in the future?


So cute!!! Great work!

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SO CUTE! Nice work.


Cute AF! Thanks!


Amazing and cute sprites was what I needed, could you make jumping and attacking sprites??


Aaa, I'm in love with this little fox! Just tipped (on my other account by accident, whoops), and I'm excited to use this as my witch character's familiar. Thank you for such great work!


It looks amazing! all of your sprites look so well done!


Thanks  !!! 


Thanks ♥


Super cute, I love foxes ;) I will use it as a main-char following pet in my next commercial project (twin stick shooter in a pixel rpg-world)


Why apply CC BY NC and then redact it?


Can you make a riding img? Like the griffin you made.

But the fox is too tiny for that! :D

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another animal! like pig, dragon something..


Great! thank you!


Nice work!


This one is beautiful. Thank you!