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An NPC sprite pack you can use for any 2d game you are building!

You can read about licensing here!

Inn Keeper Animations: Idle, Movement, "Yes", "No", Give

Farmer Animations: Idle, Movement, "Yes", "No", Work, Plant Seeds 

Builder Animations: Idle, Movement, Build, "Yes", "No"

Blacksmith Animations: Idle Movement, Smith, "Yes", "No"

Female Villager Animations: Idle, Movement, "Yes", "No", Laugh


Bard Animations: Idle, Idle2, Equip Lute, Sing, Movement, "Yes", "No"

Old Man Animations: Idle, Movement, Poke Cane, "Yes", "No"

Old Lady Animations: Idle, Movement, "Yes", "No", Hadouken?

Miner Animations: Idle, Movement, Mine, "Yes", "No"


Fisherman Animations: Idle, Movement, Cast Rod, "Yes", "No", Idle (Fishing), Pull Rod, Catch Fish

Boy Animation: Idle, Movement, Run with Stick, "Yes", "No"


Girl Animations: Idle, Movement, Play with Doll, "Yes", "No"

Dancer Animations: Idle, Movement, Dance, "Yes", "No"

Feel free to use the sprites in commercial/non-commercial projects!

Do you need a compatible tileset? Free characters? Look no more! You can grab them for free at my patreon page!

You can read about licensing here!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Inn Keeper Sprite Sheet.png 27 kB
Farmer Sprite Sheet.png 25 kB
Builder Tileset.png 24 kB
Blacksmith Sprite Sheet.png 26 kB
Villager Female Sprite Sheet.png 24 kB
Bard Sprite Sheet.png 31 kB
Old Man Sprite Sheet.png 25 kB
Old Lady Sprite Sheet.png 25 kB
Miner Sprite Sheet.png 24 kB
Fisherman Sprite Sheet.png 39 kB
Boy Sprite Sheet.png 24 kB
Girl Sprite Sheet.png 23 kB
Dancer-Sprite-Sheet.gif 7 kB


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i can screan shot it and steal themn all

Hi Elthen.

If I purchase this (or the other sprites in your collection) is it ok to heavily modify them and use within a game?


Yep, you are free to modify them to you needs!  You can read more about the licensing here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/27430241

Great! Thanks for the quick reply.


These are peasants, so naturally you need a knight / nobles set.