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This is a pack of seven 2D monster sprites with many animations. Designed to suit any 2D game you are developing! 

Characters included:

  • Mage

Animations: Walk, idle, cast a spell, damage(hurt), death.

This character is also sold seperately here: 2D Pixel Art Mage

  • Skeletal Warrior

Animations: Idle, walk, attack, damage(hurt), death.

This monster is also sold seperately here: 2D Skeletal Warrior

  • Dragon Hatchling

Animations: Idle, move, attack, damage(hurt), death.

This monster is also sold seperately here: 2D Dragon Hatchling Sprites

  • Golem

Animations: Idle, move, attack, damage(hurt), death.

This monster is also sold seperately here: 2D Golem Sprites

  • Bat

Animations: Idle/Move, damage(hurt), death.

This monster is also available here: 2D Bat Sprite Pack

  • Rat

Animations: Idle, move, damage(hurt), death.

This monster is also sold seperately here: 2D Rat Sprites

  • Snake

Animations: Idle, move, attack, damage(hurt), death.

This monster is also sold seperately here: 2D Snake Sprites

  • Beast

Animations: Emerge, taunt, idle, move, leap attack, attack, damage(hurt), damage(hurt more), death.

This monster is also sold seperately here: 2D Beast Monster Sprites

Also a new monster pack is on the way! 

You can read about licensing here!


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorElthen's Pixel Art Shop
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dragons, golem, mage, Monsters, pack, Pixel Art, Skeletons, Sprites


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Bat_Sprites.png 16 kB
BlueMage_Sprites.png 32 kB
DragonHatchling_Sprites.png 34 kB
Golem_Sprites.png 34 kB
Rat_Sprites.png 23 kB
RedMage_Sprites.png 31 kB
SkeletalWarrior_Sprites.png 28 kB
Snake_Sprites.png 23 kB
The Beast Sprite Sheet v1.1 Fixed.png 58 kB
The Beast Sprite Sheet Fixed.png 58 kB


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I would literally buy every single one of your asset packs if you didnt have an irrational vendetta against cryptocurrency projects. Im not even trying to use your assets as NFTs, I just want to make a fun game, and you and other artists rediculously limit your audience of perspective buyers. Have fun with that while I pay someone else!


you say as you go buy from another itch.io artist naively overlooking the fact its a platform policy not the creators.. I'm all about crypto it was my main income source from 2014-2018 but if you think the artist/creator vendetta towards NFTs in particular is irrational then you're sorely mistaken - artists are hugely exploited in the NFT paradigm, they've quite literally become the anti-thesis of their intended purpose as is even openly acknowledged by the creators of the NFT model themselves (Anil Dash and Kevin McCoy if you care to confirm for yourself). I don't even hate NFTs, I'm confident in the future they will achieve their initially intended purpose but as things stand now they are a blight to the digital art community to say the least.

Hi there! Do you happen to have other similar "bundles" as well?
I checked your Patreon and technically I should be picking the highest "Everything" tier - but I'd still have to browse each and every post. And getting them here, one by one, even with the 20% discount.. is quite a chore :D
Is there any chance you could group and organize your sprites into bundles (even big bundles, such as the "small/medium/big Fantasy pack"?  


Hey! On patreon if you go for the tier that unlocks everything, you can download %80 of the assets with 3 clicks since I've bundled them as yearly packs for easy downloading. You just need to download the current year of assets one by one. On the other hand I've been actually slowly doing bundles on my ko-fi shop. I'll probably bring them onto itch somewhere in the future but there are no immidiate plans for it. Hope this helps! 

Hoy, thanks for the quick reply! :)

Yes, I discovered the Ko-fi shop exactly 10 minutes after I posted. There's still a lot of fragmentation and maybe overlapping among packages.

Let's consider the facts I don't need robots and I'd rather manually pick the "big" sprites (I believe this could be a common request)

Yet, let's say - you update 1 asset. Or, 10, over 1 year. If I had a yearly pack on Ko-fi, I could just re-download the updated pack (I guess).

On Patreon, I'm getting access to a couple of files, (for 1 month?) and then I'm done, I should store the content locally, I could lose it, I won't get any updates. And I'm not a fan of "leeching" a Patreon for 1 month, to be honest :P

I'd rather support with a lower tier - but that would still not include any updates for the yearly pack, nor 24/24 online access to those and the accompanying license ;)

My point is: as much as I understand Patreon support is important, 1-shot purchases should probably be handled differently :)

I understand it may take you some time but - please also consider that, as a "product", the user can't know what's getting with the "1 year" or "2 years" package. (Sure, a lot of art and resources but - which ones?).

I believe it's hard for any user to estimate that, and for people who may need a "full pack" "right now", the options are way more limited. 

I'd also suggest leaving the "big" sprite separate from the collection, as they're likely going to be bosses (maybe have a "Big Sprites bundle"), and they hit hard on the overall price of the bundle. I'm not complaining about the price btw: I believe you're providing high quality assets for a very affordable price!  

Just my 2 cents. I'm now unsure if purchasing some smaller packages or waiting a bit and using placeholders :)


Hey! Thanks for all the valuable feed. I usually don't get any and it's nice to see things through an outsiders perspective. I'll definitely keep these in mind for the future of the assets :D 

When I create packs I try not to place an asset in several packs in the same marketplace. Meaning, for example, if you stick to just ko-fi and buy the packs you won't pay for the same asset twice. As you said, though, the packs on ko-fi are not complete yet. Since I do "themed packs" there (e.g dragons, undead monsters etc.) and I can't always justify creating packs for the themes that has small number of assets. So it might always be fragmented in that regard :D

For updates on ko-fi, if I ever update an asset with the purpose of fixing some faulty bits, you get the update through a ko-fi message free of charge. Similar with itch, you just need to re-download the file. It just gets tricky with Patreon. On patreon I create an update post and deliver the updated files for the patrons. Yes, that means sometimes you need to be a paid patron to get the update but I also deliver the sprites through patreon messages if need be. 

You shouldn't see being a patron as "leeching"  :D I get that a lot. People message me about feeling bad for "taking advantage of patreon" but that's the use I've intended for my patreon page. You make a one-time payment to get all the assets and catch up with all the assets I've done, and if you'd like,  you downgrade your pledge to a tier you find comfortable paying and keep getting new assets and perks. Itch page is here to support patreon if you just need a couple of assets and ko-fi page is for commissions and themed packs for people irked by patreons subscription system. You should store the assets locally anyways by the way, since we live in an age where websites can change policies overnight and force me to delete everything I have here and migrate to elsewhere. It happened before, it might again. 

That being said, I totally get your point. I might do something different for the "access all the assets" sorta purchase thing in the future.

I don't expect the user to guess what's in the yearly packs :D These packs are not loot boxes or kinder surprise eggs. On the front page of my patreon page you can find the link to complete list of assets I have done. I've tried to be as transparent as I can when I created the spreadsheet. It shows you what was created in what year (for yearly packs), in which sites you can get the assets, in what packs the assets are available, what assets would you get if you pledged on each patreon tier for that month specifically. 

Thanks again for all the feedback and sorry for the wall of text :D


Haha, no worries! I love walls of text - thanks for the time taken to write it!

I'm glad you're open to feedback and thanks for clarifying the "leeching" part. I keep feeling bad tho. I'd rather use Patreon to provide continuous support.

The only real downside is that I'm already seeing your assets around, also used in bulk in a game with a genre that is similar to what I had in mind so... I'll think about it. Don't want the developer to think I'm plagiarising his game :P

Keep up the great work! :)

Hey! Where can I find the stage tile? 

On my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elthen/posts?tag=Tileset


Thank you very much sir. 

Hi, I love these sprites, but I would like to know the layout of the sprite sheet, dimensions of the sprites, and any other info on slicing them. 

Thank you for your great work! I used these sprites for an ios app:

WiZZZ https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/wizzz/id1425136179?mt=8

I hope you like it ;)

Looks awesome! :D 

I'll definetely give it a shot!


Is there any type of license,that I gotta have, if I use these in a commercial project?

Hello, once you buy the pack you are free to do anything with the assets, except for reselling or redistributing them. 

May I use it in commercial project?

Absolutely! Feel free to use in any commercial project!