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Six different destructible objects in a sprite sheet you can use for any 2d game you are building!

Do you like destroying stuff ? You are in luck! You can destroy all this stuff! (Well except the chest..)

You can read about licensing here!

This sprite sheet contains a Crate, a Barrel, two Signs and a Pot with Damage and Destroyed animations.

There is also a chest with damage and open animations.

Feel free to use the sprites in commercial/non-commercial projects! If you do, please consider tipping, or at least dropping a comment down below.  Happy developing!

Do you need a compatible tileset? More free characters? Look no more! You can grab them for free at my patreon page!

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AuthorElthen's Pixel Art Shop
Tagsbarrel, chest, container, crate, destructible, object, Pixel Art, pot, Sprites


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Destructible Objects Sprite Sheet.png 36 kB


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this makes the game more lively just beautifull:)

Thank you for your sharing

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing!

I think you need to update license, NC means non-commercial...


Hey! I get that comment a lot from people who hasn't read the licensing page throughly :D
With CC licenses you can't restrict terms of the licence but can only give more permissions. So I had to choose a non-commercial licence, then give permission to use the sprites for commercial projects with the condition of that said projects can't be anything blockchain-related. So in short, you are free to use the sprites in commercial projects but the project can't be a p2e game, nft project, web3 thing, or future inventions in the blockchain technologies etc. I hope that clears things. 

But if you still have doubts, here are some commercial games that use my sprites:

Many thanks!


Hi, what this white hero? Where i can buy him?

Hello, the white one is the arbelist, a patreon exclusive character. They are available on the first tier: https://www.patreon.com/elthen

Amazing stuff, thank you! I credited you and used the barrel it in my game: Pixel Whipped

Hi, thank you sooo much for the awesome animations! :D

What is that small red square at the bottom right of each frame?

I use the read squares as an anchor point when I animate things, it shouldn't be on the files. So just delete them if you can.



Thank you so much for this content. Maybe I'll use this.

The credits go to Elthen's Pixel Art Shop? I want to know to be sure and give them the corrects credits in my future game.


Just "Elthen" is fine too. :D

This looks awesome, thanks for sharing :D

Good art, can you art my game use?


That's awesome!!!

Quick question... Is there an asset with that character holding a crossbow ?


That's cool! It helped me a lot <3


muito bom o seu trabalho real infelizmente não posso dar dinheiro ainda, mas quando eu passar o neu jogo certamente voltar aqui bye